Teach Me Piano

for Windows

Interactive multimedia piano teaching system

Whether you have some piano playing background or you’ve never taken a lesson before, Teach Me Piano is the piano course for you. With more than 150 lessons and over 100 exercises, beginners can learn basic techniques while intermediate players can reinforce their musical skills. Over the entire course of study, you’ll learn to play more than 75 well-known songs.

Using your computer’s multimedia capabilities, Teach Me Piano combines video demonstrations, animations, sound and illustrations to enhance the lessons. An interactive scoring system evaluates your playing and tracks your progress. You’ll find that it’s like having your own private music teacher!

With Teach Me Piano and a MIDI keyboard connected to your computer, you’ll discover how easy and fun it is to learn to play the piano!

ComputED 1997 EDDIE AwardComputED Learning Labs 1997 Eddie Award, Music High School Catagory

  • Provides a full course of piano lessons—from beginner through intermediate skills
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Study with a professional teacher who demonstrates piano techniques through videos you watch right on your PC’s monitor
  • Learn to play more than 75 well-known songs—all with full background accompaniment
  • Receive feedback on your performance from the interactive scoring system—it’s like having your own private music teacher!

Teach Me Piano provides a full course of piano lessons. With a MIDI keyboard connected to your PC, the interactive scoring system evaluates your performance so you can see how you’re progressing. Teach Me Piano also includes a reference guide for understanding musical notation, a Songbook for printing out MIDI files as sheet music, and a Performance Screen for playing the songs you’ve learned—with background accompaniment. Coupled with videos, animation and colorful illustrations, Teach Me Piano makes learning the piano easy and fun!

Teach Me Piano Main Menu

The 3D environment of Teach Me Piano gives you easy access to all of the programs: Keyboard Lessons, Songbook, Musician's Reference and MediaCheck.


This utility offers a quick and easy way to test and troubleshoot the multimedia components on your computer. A series of displays takes you through the testing process. A video provides step-by-step instructions on how to connect a MIDI keyboard to your PC.

Teach Me Piano Keyboard Lessons

In-depth lessons provide the full spectrum of keyboard playing skills—including note-reading in the treble and bass clefs, rhythm and timing, finger numbering and finger positions, key signatures, time signatures, scales, and chords. Teach Me Piano can maintain records for many students, so all of the members of your family can start at their own levels and proceed at their own rates.


Use the Songbook to organize—by Title, Style, Composer, or Level of Difficulty—the more than 75 songs that come with Teach Me Piano. Choose a song and go either to the Trainer Screen to practice it or to the Performance Screen to play it with full back-ground accompaniment. Import your own MIDI files into the Songbook and print them as sheet music, complete with note names.

Musician’s Reference

An introduction to musical notation, the Musician’s Reference contains easy-to-understand definitions, colorful diagrams and illustrations to explain commonly-used musical terms. This guide is a great complement to Teach Me Piano’s Keyboard Lessons—and a handy reference to musical terminology.

System Requirements

  • IBM® PC or compatible computer running Windows® 3.1 or 95
  • 486DX2/66 MHz or higher
  • 8 MB RAM
  • 6 MB hard disk space
  • 640 x 480, 256-color display
  • Double-speed or faster CD-ROM drive
  • 16-bit Windows-compatible sound card
  • Four-octave MIDI-compatible musical keyboard with PC interface

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