THE AWARD-WINNING Band-in-a-Box (tm) is so easy to use! Just type in the chords for any song, using standard chord symbols (like C, Fm7 or C13b9), choose the style you'd like, and Band-in-a-Box does the rest...

Band-in-a-Box automatically generates a complete professional quality arrangement of piano, bass, drums, guitar and strings in a wide variety of popular styles. (Jazz, Pop, Country, Classical and more.)
With Band-in-a-Box, you can input a typical song in just two minutes. You'll quickly build up a large library of your favorite songs!

Uses your existing Multimedia setup

No external sound source or MIDI System required-Playback through internal soundcard (SoundBlaster, compatibles, QuickTime, external MIDI modules etc).

Packed with Features for Musicians, Students & Songwriters

  • Automatically generate professional quality solos- includes 100 Soloists!

  • Record Melodies using the built-in sequencer or step-time entry. 

  • View/edit the music and lyrics in piano roll or music notation.

  • Automatically Generate complete songs from scratch, including chords, melodies, intro and even a song title!

  • Harmonize the melody or play along with harmonies in real time.

  • Create and edit new Songs, Styles, Harmonies, Melodists and Soloists.
  • Reads and Writes Standard MIDI Files (.MID) so you can transfer your work from/to other music programs.
  • Supports General MIDI (GM/GS), soundcards and non-GM modules/synthesizers.
  • Add-on disks available for songs, Styles, Soloists, Melodists, Harmonies and more!


Over 50 New Features...
  • New Fully-Featured "Piano Roll" Window!
  • Alternate Guitar Tunings added!
  • New Harmonies added with voicing in 4ths!
  • "Auto Endings" added for Styles without Endings!
  • Make Synthesizer Patch file lists (.PAT files) easily by converting PowerTracks or Cakewalk Patch lists!
  • "Jazz Chord Symbol Graphics" (circles, triangles) now supported!
  • TC-Helicon Audio Harmonies enhanced with Pitch Styles (automatic "Vibrato" and "Scooping")!
  • StylePicker now Editable!
  • "Vocal Wizard"
  • Non-Destructive Audio Track Editing!
  • Support for Multiple Sound Cards!
  • Multiple lines of Lyrics Supported on Fake Sheet and Printout!
  • Full Stereo or Mono support for Audio Track!
  • Enhanced Audio Plug-in Effects!
  • Selective Humanize option for the Melody Embellisher!
  • Lead Sheet highlighting is more visible!
  • Karaoke Files (.KAR) now can be opened, including lyrics!
  • Import WAV file to Audio Track support!
  • Pitch Bends are now displayed on Guitar Fretboard!
  • Shift-Click support for Selecting Region of Chordsheet, Notation, or Audio Window!
  • Colors editor for Note Colors on Notation Window!
  • Entire Song name displayed in Taskbar Hint when Band-in-a-Box is minimized!
  • Multi-colors for Event List!
  • Song Picker Enhanced-subfolder support!
  • Time signature changes are now printed on the Notation/Lead Sheet!
  • "Favorite Folder-Open Song" button!
  • For Lyrics, line break and paragraph marks ('/' and '\') are no longer shown on the Lead Sheet window!
  • Lyric Window now auto-opens for MIDI files and Karaoke files!
  • Guitar TAB visibility is improved!
  • Notation display improved
  • Big Lyrics Window Enhancements!
  • Auto-setup for Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth!
  • MIDI Files are now written with descriptive Text Markers for part markers!
  • Decibel Scale now present in the Audio Window!
  • In editable notation mode, you can now insert a rest by holding the back-quote key
  • Reset to factory settings improved!
  • "Play Selected Area as a Loop" function!
  • "Transpose" Chordsheet option added to the Prefs-Chordsheet display options!
  • StyleMaker Enhancements!
  • Guitar Tutor Enhancements!
  • No more drum crash cymbals on Bar 1 of the song!
  • New Hot keys added for Prefs tab dialog!
  • Notation Options
  • Notation Print to Graphics
  • Guitar TAB lines now prints in black, instead of grey.
  • Harmony display boxes
  • VU meters added for Audio!
  • Mouse wheel support added
  • ...and many more!

System Requirements
Windows®  9x/NT/2000/Me/XP: Minimum 32MB RAM; 50-150MB hard drive space; PC Sound Card or MIDI module. CD recording features require a CD recordable device.

Macintosh: 68030 processor, PowerMac/iMac/G3 or better; System 7.5 or higher; minimum 20MB available RAM; 80-150MB hard drive space; MIDI System or internal Macintosh sound system (i.e. QuickTime™  musical instruments)

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